domi is a 12 year old saxaphone prodigy from France . 

she deveoloped her own unique sound by combining major 3rds and major 4ths .

not only is she the only living Theoretical physicist, but she is the youngest person


to recieve a Nobel Prize in Physics. 



jd beck is a 6 year old sheep investigator from Texas .

he recieved a PhD in quantam physics at Stanford University earlier this year .

he has since devoted his life to smooth jazz and wishes to be taken seriously in the


music industry.



together they are the duo "DOMi & JD Beck" . they've been gaining traction on


social media since summer of 2018 for their body building masterclasses, and have


been working on their debut album since the beginning of 2019 . they are planning on


releasing their album like actually soon now. thx andy